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Kiss The Monkeys (KTM) is a California based organization that hosts high profile events fostered by their social media connections.

The night will be celebrating co-founder, RaQuel Sanchez’s, 50th Birthday while also benefiting the chairty, “Project Save Our Surf”.

Fashion Shows:
Fashion Designers, Pamela Quinzi Kilame will be flying in from New York, and CeCe Leyton from CeCe ‘La Isla Vida’ will be coming from Orange County to present their lines of clothing.

Live Music:
Los Angeles based Singer/Songwriter, Jayme Claire & The Jayme Claire Band will be the main performers of the night.
Other performers include Tiffany Nicole Brevard, McGonigle & Gladstone, and Ry Ry Rye.

Chairty: Project Save Our Surf:
Founder and award-winning actress Tanna Frederick writes:

“Dear Friends, we are so very honored to be embraced and supported by kiss the monkeys.
Since I started Project Save Our Surf with legend Shaun Tomson 11 years ago we have grown exponentially.
Not only have I managed to be true to my promise of being a nonprofit where PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO THE KIDS – I have had NO OVERHEAD as a policy (so people know exactly where their money is going which is to educating underprivileged kids who are the future stewards of this planet) – but we have installed water filters in over nine third world villages in addition to sending over 20,000 children to camp who’s schools can’t afford field trips…These are kids who are from places like Anaheim and haven’t seen the ocean or the native terrain of Cali… such as the bugs in the Silverado mountains! My favorite experience was a group of kids gently passing around a stink bug saying, “Is this thing mechanical?” Or the kids who ask, “Are we still in America?”
Our camp counselors teach good nutrition choices, how to reduce carbon footprints, and mostly how to give them the entitlement to know they own this planet.
Or the teens who come back from El Salvador and write me how their lives have changed by bringing the means to access fresh water, taught by the teens themselves to the villages.
They are my heroes.
And you, KTM, are my heroes by boosting these kids up. My heart is in greatest and most humblest of gratitude for you and your generosity.

Much love, and many many thanks and blessings, Tanna Frederick Founder PSOS”

Tickets on sale, now!

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