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Jeff’s story starts from a humble beginning. Leaving Philadelphia four years ago, he came to LA with just two suitcases and a drive to do something different. You would think it was straight from a Hollywood movie but this was just his life.

Jeff Cherkassky: I think I had a quarter-life crisis. It took me about six months to find a job. I had no money, it was really hard. But then I got the job at Comic-Con. I worked as an assistant to a friend of mine but I soon found myself as Director of Marketing and Sponsorships.

He really enjoyed the role, working for a company that had such engaging fans, and getting to interact with those fans. His position was similar to a conductor in an orchestra. He was in charge of bringing all those fans, celebrities and movies to the show making it the grand experience everyone knows Comic-Con to be.

But come January 2015, Jeff would start on a new journey, another chapter in his life. However, he didn’t know it just yet.

Jeff: That winter, I went to the CEO and basically said “Hey look, we have 26 Comic-Cons around the world, we have an international following, so why don’t we put Comic-Con in a box?” and the CEO looked at me and said “Okay, run with this for a couple months and let’s see where it goes.” So I did. I didn’t want to just make it samples like other box subscriptions are. I wanted it to be a premium experience just like Comic-Con is.

And an experience it became. Within 6 days of the launch, they sold out of 1200 boxes without a single dollar having been spent on marketing.

Jeff: It was a great place to start because of how loyal a fan base Comic-Con has. Within a couple months we were making 1.2 million in revenue. I started sending out monthly surveys and suddenly we were seeing a 50 to 60 percent return rate.

With the growing success of his idea, Jeff soon realized the true potential of it. In November of that year, he resigned and moved to El Camp to launch what we all know as Box Boulevard.

Jeff: Box Boulevard is a white labeled box subscription solution that creates, launches and fully manages fan engagement platforms. We’ve found success for many brands and currently are in the works of launching a new box within the month.

Because of it being a white label (meaning Jeff and his box are completely in the backend. They would never market the box as their own but rather, solely the celebrities and brands that work with him), Jeff isn’t allowed to speak of their direct clients. However, that coincides with what Box Boulevard stands for which Jeff likes to say isn’t just the clients.

Jeff: It’s the Why. Box Boulevard is about giving these super fans a great experience because to fans, this is their tribe. And that’s what we’re doing and that is what excites me the most. It is not about the revenue play. It’s about the subscribers, it’s the subscriber’s experience.

Jeff joined El Camp in November of 2015. He says of the space that it has been a great environment for creativity and collaboration, speaking specifically of Eric Johnson, CEO of Ignited.

Jeff: El Camp and the people here have been great for me and the company. I wouldn’t call myself a success yet, but I hope I am at least an inspiration to some so they can also do the things that make them happy. That’s all I want to be in life.

When asked what the one advice he would give to his younger self, he talks about the importance of failure.

Jeff: I would tell myself that failure is a good thing. You have to fail in order to know how to succeed because all these things you go through just make you appreciate things in the future and make you truly humble.

And with Jeff, it is certainly true. Knowing what it felt like to have very little has given Jeff the motivation and passion to continue to pursue what he loves and that is the driving force to what has made Box Boulevard so successful.

Thanks Jeff for being such a happy El Camper!

To learn more about Box Boulevard visit:

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