Resident Artist: CJ Whitlock

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One of the nice things about working in such a creative workspace as El Camp, is the ability to mingle with some very talented people. Today, I’d like to introduce Cindy Whitlock. When she isn’t creating beautiful things for Ignited, she spends her spare time creating beautiful illustrations.

Cindy is showing some of her limited edition relief prints on our display wall upstairs at El Camp.

A relief print is made by cutting the image out of a flat surface, usually wood or linoleum. The remaining raised areas then form the relief block to which ink is applied by means of a roller, then a sheet of paper is pressed against the inked surface of the block, using either a printing press or hand burnishing. Only the raised part of the block deposits the inked image onto the paper. The print is amirror image of the block.

Creating work by hand is a great escape from the digital world. The time spent carving and printing becomes a very mediative and addicting process. It can be challenging with no multiple undos, but quite fulfilling when a piece comes together.

She usually carves an individual block for each color from linoleum or Japanese vinyl. Then prints on a Vandercook proof press one sheet at a time. Occasionally, she will use the reduction print process, which involves using the same block for more than one color by removing material from the block for each color pass. Using the reduction method the print can never be printed again. The blue whale and water in“Yellow Submarine” is an example of the reduction process.

If you have a chance, come by and check out her work. I think you’ll love it.

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