Why Choose Coworking?

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If you work for government agency with top-secret clearance, or do clinical trials of how deodorant works on sweaty athletes, coworking is probably not right for you. If you don’t work for a big corporation, do like working around new and creative people, and don’t want the hassle of running an office, a coworking space might be the right fit for you.

Here are some reason you might want to check out El Camp Coworking.

NETWORKING: Coworking quickly and efficiently helps you network, professionally and personally. The nature of a coworking space, like El Camp, is that you’ll find yourself surrounded by creative people from many business sectors and all walks of life. That person you keep bumping into at the coffee bar is just as interested to hear about your career as she is to tell you about hers. Even if you don’t end up working directly with that person, she might know of someone who needs your services.

LOCATION: One of the great things about coworking spaces is being able to work in a location that you might not have been able to otherwise afford. El Camp is located in El Segundo, CA. With a booming tech community, you may find that your clients are already nearby. We’re just minutes from LAX airport and the beach. And it’s just a short drive to get to either the 105 or 405 freeways. Sorry, we can’t make the 405 go faster for you.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Your work environment has a real impact on how productive you’ll be on any given day. Working in a coffee shop brings lots of distractions. Working from home has its own distractions. At El Camp, we have communal desks, private offices, standing desks and walking desks. You can chill out on a comfortable couch or even spend some time in a massage chair. If you have an important presentation to make, you can reserve one of our large meeting rooms. Whatever your work needs, we’ve got you covered.

BUDGET: Most small businesses don’t want to deal with hiring their own IT person, setting up a reliable network or phone system. Don’t get me started on finding a reliable janitorial service. El Camp takes care of all of those services for you and for less than the cost of your own private office space, the money savings are huge.

I didn’t even mention our easy parking, member breakfasts and happy hours. There are so many reasons to join us. Come on down and be a part of our community.


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