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Many of you know that Jayme Claire as that friendly face greeting you every morning as you enter El Camp, but did you know she was also an amazing singer/songwriter? Here’s your chance to see her perform some original music before the CD drops.

Click this link to hear a sample of her magic.


Jayme has performed at venues such as: Genghis Cohen, West Hollywood’s House of Blues; Xen Lounge in Studio City; and The Olympic Collections, Los Angeles. She has made guest appearances on The Avalon, Saban Theatre, and Globe Theatre stages in Los Angeles; performed twice for Berry Gordy’s family, Sherry Gordy Presents in Las Vegas.  Jayme continues to make requested appearances throughout the year. Her growing resume includes multiple appearances for VIP parties at Song Wongs L.A Studio, The Cedars Estate and ArtHaus.

Two of her original songs, “Monster” and “Got Your Own Thang Going”, were recently placed in a Sharon Stone movie called “All I Wish.” The movie will be released in theaters and streaming March 30th, 2018.


“Presenting audiences with heart-felt vocal performances, it’s my personal mission through my lyrics and song choices to inspire and encourage all ages to never give up dreaming, know thy worth, and to always have hope.”
—  xx Jayme Claire


Check out her new website!

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