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As we mentioned in an earlier post, many of the co-workers at El Camp are also campers in real-life. With the camp spirit alive, we’d like to share some more camping experiences with you.

When most people think about the California coast line, visions of that scenic stretch of cliffs and mountains around Big Sur spring to mind. While technically the camp ground I’m going to tell you about is just South of Big Sur, it’s close enough and beautiful enough that I think you’ll forgive me.

I started camping at Lime Kiln Redwoods State Park as a child going with my family and friends. I’ve continued doing this as an adult with my own kids because it’s still just a little slice of heaven on California’s picturesque Highway 1. Located between historic Hearst Castle and Big Sur proper, you have plenty of options for day trips, but you might not want to leave camp.

Lime Kiln is located in a small canyon that starts you out with a beautiful beach (mixture of rocks and sand) and takes you back into a Redwood forest. Hiking trails in the forest leads you through gorgeous fern- and clover-covered landscape as you follow the creak up to a 100-foot waterfall and to the old lime kilns that were instrumental in rebuilding San Francisco after the fire of 1906. You can also hike up the hills to get an amazing view of the coastline (and a pretty good workout).

The campground has hot showers and each site has a fire pit. There is plenty of wildlife to be seen, ranging from banana slugs to the occasional blue whale. Just watch out for the raccoons, they will steal your food if you aren’t looking.

It is a smallish campground, so you’ll need to make your reservations early, but it is also available for day use. If you happen to be driving up the coast, make sure to stop in and check it out.

These pictures from my last trip don’t quite do it justice, so check it out if you get the chance. Happy camping!

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