Is a Coworking Space Better than Working from Home?

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Note: This post borrows liberally from an article by Anand Srinivasan that he wrote for You can read the original article here:


In his article, Anand asked the question, “Is a Coworking Space Worth the Cost if You’re Already Working From Home?”

If you’re running a small business, this is probably a question you’ve asked yourself. Working from home does have certain benefits, like an easy commute, you can run errands if you need to, and you don’t have to dress for work. But for some people, staying focused is an issue, and it’s also true that working form home can be incredibly lonely, especially if your job does not require you to talk to a lot of people.

One reason people want to work from home is the lack of distractions, but that might not be as big of an issue as you think. Working around other people who are motivated and diligently working can keep you on your toes and make you more productive during the hours that you’re actually working.

Networking is a big plus for most of us. In a coworking environment, you’re bound to find people that you can work with or learn from. But if you don’t want to mingle with others, it’s pretty easy to blend in with the crowd. You won’t be the only one staying focused on the job.

Costs. While it’s true you’re paying more for a desk in a coworking space than you would for your kitchen table, there are certainly perks that come with that fee, such as printer and IT access, phone lines a business mailbox and even a receptionist to meet your clients.

Coworking offices may not be right for everyone, however, there is a great deal that can be said for separating work and home life. Sometimes you want to take off that tie, hug your kids and leave the office behind you.

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