Safe in the South Bay

Safe in the South Bay

El Camp has take the pledge to be “Safe in the South Bay.” We want to make sure that all El Camp members feel safe and secure when coming in to work.

Safe in the South Bay is a pledge that businesses can take to show they are following the proper protocol to safely reopen and slow the spread of COVID-19 for their employees and customers.  Those that take the pledge can prominently display the Safe in the South Bay seal in their business to show that they are doing their part to advance business recovery and keep the community safe.

In accordance with the County of Los Angeles El Camp Order, I PLEDGE that my business is in compliance with the appropriate Los Angeles County Reopening Protocol and that that my business will adhere to the following general practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19:

•   Enforce use of face coverings for employees and customers

•   Practice physical distancing of at least 6-feet

•   Enact temperature/symptom checks for employees and customers (if applicable to your sector)

•   Conduct regular cleanings and frequent disinfection

•   Provide hand sanitizer for employees and customers

•   Limit amount of contact required at point of purchase

•   Post a copy of the Los Angeles County reopening protocol at the business entrance and distribute copies to employees

If you want to take the pledge for your company, you can do so here.

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